OfficeTools Cloud FAQs

OfficeTools Cloud includes an import utility that allows you to import your clients and contact details (and their relationships) from a CSV file. As the firm administrator, go to Tools > Import and follow the onscreen instructions to import from CSV.

You can migrate your existing mailbox contents from their current provider to your new OfficeTools Hosted Exchange Mailbox. Contact support for assistance.

You can easily use a domain name you already own for the OfficeTools Hosted Exchange Mailboxes. Contact support for assistance.

Each OfficeTools Cloud license includes 10GB of storage. This is pooled for the firm, so a 4-user firm would have 40GB of storage.

The administrator can choose to increase the database storage capacity for the firm at any time. They would be prompted to agree to the new charges (see pricing info above).

Go to Options > Licensing > Add Storage

The administrator can choose to add additional users at any time. There is no cost to add additional users during the free trial period.
Once subscribed, the administrator would be prompted to agree to the new charges when the new user is added. (See pricing info above)

Go to Options > User Management > New
Once the user has been created, click the “Send Login” to send the user the invitation to join. They will then click a link in an automated email message to set their password and login.

The administrator can choose to deactivate a user at any time. They have the option to archive the user information as part of the deactivation. Firms using OfficeTools Hosted Exchange can choose to keep the mailbox active while deactivating the firm member account.

New users added to an existing annual subscription will be charged a prorated amount based on the amount of time (in days) remaining in the term.

Free trials cannot be merged. We recommend that one firm member sign up, then invite the other firm members to join that same account.

We are glad you are interested in contributing to our future product roadmaps! Submit your own ideas and vote on other features to help continually improve OfficeTools.

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