OfficeTools Cloud is the future of practice management for tax and accounting firms

OfficeTools Cloud is the future of practice management for tax and accounting firms

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As 2019 draws to a close, we have our sights set on the future—and we’ve launched a new cloud product to prove it. AbacusNext is excited to introduce OfficeTools Cloud, a Saas product management solution for accounting and tax firms. With this launch, we’re empowering small accounting firms to grow their business, stay competitive, and better serve their clients—anytime, anywhere, from any browser.

Read on for a quick overview of OfficeTools Cloud, and be sure to join our introductory webinar on December 18th. Interested firms can also request a free demo.

Why firms will love OfficeTools Cloud

OfficeTools Cloud allows tax and accounting firms to store all critical client information in one centralized application and track all projects, activities, and communications. They can also access OfficeTools Cloud remotely, allowing them to and scale up and down depending on the time of year. In a 24/7 world with more employees working remotely than ever before, this is a huge perk for future-leaning firms.

OfficeTools Cloud users can:

  • Collaborate across teams and locations while staying focused on high-priority projects
  • Access emails, contacts, and calendar in one place without the need to switch between applications
  • Seamlessly manage accounting with QuickBooks Online integration
  • Easily capture and track time, invoice clients, and process payments through Abacus Payment Exchange
  • Securely store documents and link with Dropbox
  • Leverage built-in machine learning to automatically tag and categorize documents

The evolution of practice management

The OfficeTools team has been working with accounting firms for 25 years to help teams streamline their workflows, align their teams, and better serve their clients. But as firms grow and evolve, so must their technology—and our team set out to reimagine how a practice management solution should look in the future. OfficeTools Cloud is the result of this vision, and we’re proud to share it with you.

Read the press release here and be sure to sign up for your free demo today.