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Appointment Request

This feature allows clients to request appointments from their portal account based on your predetermined availability. Once you create your availability, your name and the selected times will be visible to any client that views the schedule on their portal page. Staff members that do not have availability will not appear as an option.

Availability: Creating availability allows you to set up specific and reoccurring intervals for your availability. Clients can only request appointments within this time. When a appointment is requested by a client, it is removed from view for others.


Approve/Deny: Once a client has requested the appointment, it will show as PENDING on their calendar until the appointment is approved within Office Tools WorkSpace.

Right-clicking on an appointment with a yellow “?” gives you an option to “Confirm Appointment”

Once you confirm an appointment, it will generate an email reminder for the client informing them their requested appointment is confirmed and update the appointment within WorkSpace.

Choosing to decline or cancel the appointment functions in the same way.


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